Quick Analysis of Nigeria-UK Immigration Statistics

So I wrote my final exams for Fall Semester today and so decided to play around with some data.

Since I have been researching a lot lately on Nigerian emigration (Japa), I decided to look at Data from the UK immigration Statistics.

I came across this Dataset that contained the outcomes of applications for entry clearance visas between 2005 to 2022 Q3.

I dived deep.

Because it was very large data with over 320,000 observations across all the countries of the world, I decided to clean it up and extract only the part I was interested in – Nigeria.

R Programming came to the rescue.

I exported the final cleaned version to Excel and did a few more analyses and Visualization.

The result was quite interesting and eye-opening.

1. More Nigerians have left Nigeria to study in the UK in the last 2 years than in the previous 8 years combined.

2. UK study visa approval rate for Nigerians is at 98% this year, so almost everyone who applied this year got their visa approved.

3. The UK Post Study Visa was abolished in 2012. Guess what happened? A downward trend in the number of Visa approvals between 2012 to 2020.

The post-study route was reintroduced in July 2021 and guess what? Boom, the UK became the Study abroad destination for most Nigerians.

It would be interesting to see what data says about USA, Canada, and Australia – Three other top destinations for Nigerian students.